Цитаты про любовь на английском языке

«Love is not what you say. Love is what you do.» — David Thewlis

There is no «always» and «never» in love, there is only «now» and «always.»

«Love is more than just words. It is an action expressed in care and attention.» — Bell Hooks

Love is a language that everyone understands, even without words.

«Love is that moment when silence becomes more expressive than words.» — Helen Rose

Love is something that grows in and around us when we give it to others.

«Love is an eternal mystery that is felt by the heart, not by the mind.» — Jacques Precker

Love is the magic that transforms ordinary moments into something special.

«Love is what makes life play music, even if its notes are sometimes sad.» — Sarah Dessen

Love is something that cannot be measured but can be felt in every moment.

«Love is the light that burns through the darkness and turns vanity into a moment of magic.» — Helen Keller

Love is the energy that makes our world bright and warm.

«Love is the feeling that makes us see the beautiful in ordinary things.» — Susan Sarandon

Love is the eternal pursuit of perfection that blossoms in our hearts.

«Love is the flower that grows in the soul and its fragrance fills our lives.» — Luther Burbank

Love is the light that shines in the darkness and fills our days with joy.

«Love is what gives life meaning and makes every day special.» — Dan Zadra

Love is that magic key that opens the door to our deepest feelings.

«Love is something you experience when you can’t find the words to express your feelings.» — John Lennon

Love is the language that every heart understands without translation.

«Love is like the wind: you can’t see it, but you can feel it on your skin.» — Nick Holden

Love is something that is born inside of us and makes us the best we can be.

«Love is what gives us the strength to endure hardship and rejoice in the simple moments.» — Michael Barber

Love is the language that the heart speaks and everyone hears.

«Love is the art of seeing in another person what others do not see.» — Anonymous

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